Terms & Conditions

Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort herein referred to as AOTW.

  1. Member’s use of their Xperience Players Club card indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Membership in Xperience Players Club is free.
  3. All individuals must be 21 years of age or older.
  4. One member per account.
  5. Points will be added to a member’s Xperience Players Club account that represents value earned for qualified, tracked Slot and applicable Table Games, and Keno play.
  6. All point accumulations are subject to review and verification.
  7. Management may request to see valid photo identification at any time when an Xperience Players Club card is in use.
  8. Only the account holder whose name appears on the card may make transactions and account inquiries.
  9. Account information is only available to the account holder when they make the request in person with valid photo identification at Xperience Players Club.
  10. Xperience Players Club cards, points, and awards are non-transferable, including upon death and divorce.
  11. Multiple cards may be issued for members who wish to play multiple machines at a time at management’s discretion.
  12. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to Xperience Players Club.
  13. Replacement cards may be obtained upon presentation of valid photo identification at Xperience Players Club.
  14. Members may not distribute, loan, sell, or in any way allow another person to use their Xperience Players Club card.
  15. Members are responsible for proper insertion of card into the slot machine or present to Table Games dealer when playing.
  16. AOTW is not responsible for untracked play due to player negligence, improper insertion of the Xperience Players Club card, or machine malfunction.
  17. Management reserves the right to adjust point balances resulting from malfunction, operational or computer error, fraud, or misuse of the card.
  18. Management reserves the right to confiscate cards from members who fail to follow these rules or have been barred from casino play by AOTW and all accumulated value on the account may be forfeited.
  19. Rules of specific promotions and point redemption programs vary (see Xperience Players Club for details).
  20. Members may be required to present their card for entry into casino entertainment venues.
  21. All points on an account will expire and shall be deleted from the system if no activity has occurred on that account for a period of one (1) year.
  22. Management reserves the right at any time to change or revise policies, and/or benefits.
  23. In the event of a dispute, AOTW management’s decision is final.
  24. If you do not wish to be contacted or receive offers via mail, email, or phone, you must notify an Xperience Players Club representative.
  25. Any information obtained from you will be maintained consistent with the AOTW Privacy Policy.


  • Gift Cards have a zero balance until purchased and activated.
  • No fees incur after purchase of the gift card, no expiration date after purchase and activation.
  • Card balance may be checked at Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort’s Gift Shop.
  • Gift cards are not eligible to reload.
  • You may redeem a gift card for merchandise, food, alcohol, hotel stays, and cash back, if a balance of $5 and under remains on the card.


AOTW values your patronage and respects your privacy. We are committed to protecting any personal information you provide to us. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the privacy practices of the Stillaguamish Indian Tribe and AOTW, including how personal information about you may be obtained, used, and disclosed by us. This Policy also describes how you can opt-out of some uses of personal information.


“Personal Information” is information through which you can be identified. We collect Personal Information that you provide voluntarily to us through a variety of means. Some examples of Personal Information that we collect include your name date of birth, postal address, email address, telephone number, fax number, gender, gaming activity, and purchase information. If you visit AOTW, Personal Information may include your image in a live video feed that can be viewed on Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort’s website. Some Personal Information is considered “Confidential Personal Information.” Confidential Personal Information is your name in combination with one or more of the following: credit or debit card number, financial account number, driver’s license number, state or tribal identification card number, Social Security number, passport number, and naturalization number.

We may obtain Personal Information from carefully selected business partners including entities that direct you to Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort (“Partners”). We will handle that information consistent with this Policy. If you choose to provide Personal Information, including Confidential Personal Information, directly to our Partners, we encourage you to consult their privacy policies for more information about their privacy protection practices. Certain transactions and services offered while visiting AOTW web site and while signing up for promotions, may be processed or provided to third parties under contract with us for fulfillment and other purposes. When your Personal Information is submitted to these third parties for such purposes, we require those third parties to exercise reasonable care to protect your Personal Information and restrict the use of your Personal Information to the purposes for which it was provided.


We do not sell information about our patrons to third parties. We may use Personal Information and Non-Personal Information for our own marketing purposes, including notifying you of special promotions, offers, and events, via postal mail, email, telephone, text message, and other means. We may also use Personal Information and Non-Personal Information for non-marketing purposes. Some examples of such use include (1) processing and fulfilling reservations or purchases; (2) conducting statistical or demographic analysis; (3) customizing your experience at AOTW or on the AOTW website; and (4) responding to your inquiries or other communications.


Your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information may be shared with resorts or other properties that are owned, operated by or affiliated with, the Stillaguamish Indian Tribe (collectively, “Stillaguamish Related Businesses”). We may also share your information with carefully selected business partners for joint promotion activities (“Partners”). If you do not want us to use your Personal Information for marketing purposes with Stillaguamish related businesses or Partners, you may opt-out of such uses by notifying us in accordance with the section below titled OPTING-OUT. Although you may request to opt-out of sharing Personal Information for marketing purposes, we may share Personal Information among Stillaguamish Related Businesses for non-marketing purposes. Confidential Personal Information will only be shared among Stillaguamish Related Businesses to the extent necessary to permit validation of your identity, completion of a purchase or credit transaction, recording of gaming-related activity, or other legitimate, non-marketing business purposes.


Although you may request to opt-out of sharing Personal Information for marketing purposes, we may disclose Personal Information, including Confidential Personal Information, to our Partners and other third parties for the following purposes:

  1. If you are barred or self-barred from gaming on the Stillaguamish Reservation;
  2. For non-marketing purposes, such as processing and fulfilling reservations or purchases;
  3. In connection with a business transaction involving a sale, purchase, reorganization, or transfer to a third party of any of the assets of AOTW;
  4. To comply with a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or other valid legal process consistent with the Stillaguamish Tribe’s jurisdictional considerations;
  5. To comply with legal, regulatory, or administrative requirements of any governmental authorities, consistent with the Stillaguamish Tribe’s jurisdictional considerations;
  6. To protect and defend AOTW , or any Stillaguamish Related Businesses, and all of their officers, directors, employees, attorneys, and agents in connection with any legal action, claim or dispute;
  7. To satisfy any contractual obligation to indemnify our contractors, Partners, or other third parties in connection with any legal action, claim, or dispute;
  8. To enforce the Terms of Use of the AOTW website;
  9. To prevent imminent physical harm or threats to any persons public safety;
  10. To third-party vendors that AOTW may use to perform functions on behalf of AOTW , such as companies that process credit card transactions;
  11. To prevent fraud.

When we provide Personal Information to our Partners and other third parties for such purposes, we require those Partners and third parties to exercise reasonable care to protect your Personal Information and restrict the use of your Personal Information to the purposes for which it was provided to them.


In addition to collecting Personal Information you submit on the AOTW website, our servers also collect Non-Personal Information. “Non-Personal Information” is information about you or your activities through which you cannot be personally identified. Such information may include, for example, the unique number assigned to your server or internet connection, your geographic location, and your interactions with the AOTW website including what pages you look at and what information you download. In situations where it is possible to do so, Non-Personal Information may be linked to Personal Information. The AOTW website may also use cookies to personalize your experience and to gather data such as which web pages you visit and what material you download. A cookie is a small file that contains information sent by a web site that is saved on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies also are used to put a unique identifier on your computer. This helps us to generate statistics regarding usage of the AOTW website, such as the percentage of repeat visitors. In situations where it is possible to do so, this unique identifier may be linked to Personal Information.


Information collected by AOTW is stored on secure servers. The secure servers are protected by firewalls and other industry standard security measures. However, no security system is impenetrable, and these systems could become accessible in the event of a security breach. As a standard security practice, we will take reasonable steps which are standard in the industry to ensure that the communication methods used to support the AOTW website do not permit connection or communication by methods that have known security weaknesses or vulnerabilities. You are responsible for ensuring that the computers, electronic devices, and electronic communication methods you use will provide adequate security for communicating with us. We are not responsible for the disclosure or interception of your information before we receive it. If you experience trouble using the AOTW website, we hold no accountability for virus, spam, or stolen information that may result from exploring the AOTW website.


Gaming at AOTW is restricted to persons aged 21 and above. We have no intention of collecting any Personal Information from individuals under 21 years of age. Any offers, promotions, or contests we conduct are not open to persons under 21. If a minor has provided us with Personal Information such as name, address, telephone number, or email address, their parent or guardian should contact us immediately at marketing@angelofthewinds.com and request that it be deleted from our files. Barred patrons are prohibited from submitting any information to AOTW. AOTW will not use the Personal Information of patrons who self-bar or have been barred, as applicable, for any marketing purposes. Any inadvertent release of information will be corrected immediately.


If you wish to opt-out of receiving solicitations from us or do not want us to share your PersonalIinformation with Partners for marketing purposes, call (360) 474-9740, or write to:

Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort
Attn: Xperience PLAYERS Club – Privacy Policy
3438 Stoluckquamish Lane
Arlington, WA 98223
Even if you registered your telephone number on a do-not-call list, certain exemptions may allow us to contact you by telephone. However, to ensure our customers’ preferences are honored, we also maintain our own internal do-not-call list. If you would like to opt-out of receiving telemarketing sales calls from us by adding your telephone number to our internal do-not-call list, you may do so by using the same opt-out procedures listed above.


We reserve the right to revise this Policy at any time without notice. When this Policy is revised in a material way, notice will be posted on the AOTW website along with the revised Policy. If, after reviewing this Policy, you have any privacy questions or concerns, you may contact us at marketing@angelofthewinds.com

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