With 16 lanes, a spacious seating area, and the latest and greatest technology, Strikerz is a premier center that gives guests a bowling Xperience like never before! In addition to providing traditional games, Strikerz is the only place in Washington to offer Xclusive HyperBowling, a feature where guests can raise the bumpers to play unique challenges everyone can enjoy!
By hosting a private event at Strikerz, guests can take the fun to the next level with reserved lanes. Four lanes can even be walled off to create an Xclusive atmosphere! Call 360.572.3904 to book your event today!


  • Portable lighting system
  • Microphones
  • Digital projectors
  • Satellite TV
  • HDMI and audio hookup
  • Private room
  • Subwoofers covering the entire bowling floor

*Some features carry an additional charge.
Each lane accommodates up to six guests.

Private Bowling (4 lanes and seating) 24’ x 88’ 2,212 square feet