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Table Games Progressives

  • $ 5,609 BLAZIN 7'S
  • $ 4,071 DJ WILD

Last updated: January 20, 2018

50 Cent Roulette

Progressive Three Card Poker

Angel of the Winds offers the most up to date version of Three Card Poker. We have the exciting progressive version with the Six Card Bonus Wager. Come try this fast paced and exciting game.


Blazing 7's Progressive Side Bet

Blazin 7's Progressive is an optional progressive side bet for blackjack. Players must make a standard blackjack bet in order to make a Blazing 7's progressive bet. The Blazing 7's progressive bet considers the player's hand only. You only need to get one 7 dealt to you to win on the progressive bet. The big win on the progressive bet happens when you are dealt two suited 7's and you hit a third suited 7.


Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold'Em

Exciting Texas Hold’Em action played against the dealer.  Each player and the dealer receive two cards, they combine them with five community cards to make their best five card hand. This game also features an optional bet, the Trips bonus.


Flop Poker Bonus

A five card poker game played against a pay table.  Players receive three hole cards and combine them with two of the three community Flop cards to make their best five card hand.  Jacks or better to win with odds up to 1000-1!  Featuring an optional 3-Card Bonus wager and a Pot wager where even folded hands can get lucky and win!



Try your luck at the game with the best odds in the house. Whether you're the shooter rolling winning sevens or elevens, or betting on the dice that could be on fire with each roll, Angel of the Winds offers players a fun and exciting craps experience with 10X odds and the Bonus Craps side bet.


DJ Wild Stud Poker

The object of DJ Wild Stud Poker is to get a higher five-card poker hand than the dealer. The game is played with five wild cards - the four deuces and one joker. There are is also a Two Way Bad Beat Bonus, a Trips Bonus, and a Progressive Bet. There are many ways to win and you can even win when you lose the hand. Come check out this new poker variation and Xperience the Xcitement.


Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive

Pai Gow Poker is one of our most popular table games. Make your 7 card hand into a 5 card hand and a 2 card hand.  Play against the dealer and we offer side bets where you could win the progressive jackpot!


Dice King

Come to Angel of the Winds and take part in our craps promotion Dice King! Become the Dice King by beating the posted Dice King Bounty total and win $1000 in cash!

  • Roll 25 - 34 times before you “7 out” you win a AOTW Dice King T-Shirt.
  • Roll 35 - 49 times before a “7 out” and you win an AOTW Dice King Hat.
  • Roll 50 or more times before a “7 out” and you win a AOTW Dice King Jacket.

Be one of the top shooters of the day to get your name on the leader board and win up to $100 in free play!

Only the highest prize will be awarded.



Red or black, odd or even, high or low numbers - it's all about choices and your chance to win big money playing Roulette at Angel of the Winds.


Player's Edge 21 w/ Monster Match

Monster Match is an optional jackpot wager on Player's Edge 21. When a player places the Monster Match $1 wager, they qualify for the opportunity to win a prize on the Monster Match pay table.

Four cards are used to obtain one of the winning triggering events displayed on the Monster Match pay table. The four cards are the player's first two cards in combination with the dealer's first two cards.




Whether you are looking for a $5 minimum game or a maximum bet of $500, we have what you are looking for.

Blackjack is the classic card game of trying to beat the dealer. The player's card total must be higher than the dealer's card total without going over 21. Sound easy? It is!

Blackjack Side Bets

Buster Blackjack: Make a $1 to $100 side bet. Payoffs up to 250 to 1. Win up to an $8,000 bonus!
In Bet: Make a $1 to $100 side bet. Payoffs up to 30 to 1.

Spanish 21
An exciting twist on the normal blackjack game. We offer the Double/Double version with late surrender. This features a very exciting and popular bet for ‘Dealer Match’, when matching the dealers Up and Down cards.


High Card Flush

Using seven cards, try to obtain a hand with as many cards of the same suit as possible.  Play heads-up against the dealer and make Bonus bets to win even more!