Play Keno – Keno Tournaments in Arlington, WA

Ever thought about playing Keno? Here is why you should:
Keno has the characteristics of a lottery. You buy a ticket, fill in the numbers, and go Xplore the rest of the casino. Before you leave, you check your ticket, and you may just be lucky enough to cash in on a nice prize. It is that easy to play, so why not go ahead and fill in that Keno ticket?

Live Keno 12PM – 8PM daily


Put your lucky numbers to the test by playing in our $750 Keno Tournaments! Visit the Keno Lounge on Monday, November 1, Monday, November 15, and Monday, November 29 at 3:30PM!

Keno Games and Progressives

Here at the Angel of the Winds, the joy of Keno is that everyone in your party can play it, it takes no Xperience, and you can entertain yourselves with multiple options. Offering many levels that can be played for little investment, it really is just an enjoyable way to escape your everyday routine and have some laughs with your friends and family. Of course, why stop at one special ticket when there are so many ways to play? Choose from our variety of game selections:

Keno Progressives

  • $34,739

  • $11,509

  • $3,024

Last Updated: October 27, 2021