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Win Free 6-Spot or Dinner For Two


Ever thought about playing Keno? You should and here is why:

Keno has the characteristics of a lottery. You buy a ticket, fill in the numbers, and you can go do whatever you want. Before you leave you check your ticket and you may just be lucky enough to cash in on a nice prize. It is that easy to play, so why not go ahead and fill in that Keno ticket.

Keno Progressives

  • $ 40,531 Eight Spot
  • $ 17,797 Seven Spot
  • $ 3,438 Six Spot

Last updated: February 21, 2017

Keno Tournaments:

Every month you can play along in a KENO tounament. With $750 in prize money.

Next Tournament:

  • Feb, 26 @ 1pm
  • Mar, 08 @ 7pm
  • $5 buy-in

Tournament Prizes:

  • 1st price: $250
  • 2nd price: $200
  • 3rd price: $150
  • 4th price: $100
  • 5th price: $50

Penny Keno

Pennies from Heaven

1c KENO - Play 1,000 8-Spot Games For $10.00

Lil' Bit Keno

LiL' Bit

5c KENO - Minimum 100 Games For $5.00

Vegas Style

Vegas Style

10c KENO - Minimum 100 Games for $10.00 - Maximum 1,000 games for $100.00

Two Bit

Two Bit

25c KENO PLAY - Minimum 21 Games for $5.25

Speed Keno

Speed Keno

Play faster to win faster. Every Monday through Thursday
10am - 11am
9pm - 10pm