Live Concerts and Events – Resort Entertainment

At Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort, we bring you the best live music and entertainment Xperience! From Grammy-nominated bands to hit shows, we provide top talent to ensure the Xcitement never stops!

Strikerz Bowling

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a new league to join, Strikerz Bowling has you covered! As the newest lanes in the area in 30 years, Strikerz Bowling utilizes the latest and greatest technology for a bowling Xperience like never before!
In addition to providing traditional games, Strikerz Bowling is the only place in Washington to offer Xclusive HyperBowling, a feature where you can raise the bumpers to play unique challenges the whole family can enjoy!

All Things Sports

Practice your game like the professionals or enjoy a friendly competition at All Things Sports! Whether you’re looking to dial in your golf driving skills, organize an engaging corporate team-building activity with your clients, or simply have a memorable night out with friends, we offer the same Xtraordinary, industry-leading technology used by the world’s best players to help you both optimize your athletic Xcellence and maximize your entertainment Xperience!